About Constellate Publishing

We are a Vancouver-based publishing company established in 2018 that specializes in writing from up-and-coming Canadian authors.

In particular, we welcome speculative fiction—science fiction, fantasy, crime, mystery, and horror—and interactive writing. We love anything that is weird and bizarre, or that breaks genre barriers.

Our flagship publication is the monthly subscription-only Constellate E-zine.

The e-zine publishes one piece of fiction, of 5,000–10,000 words, per month, accompanied by cover art and illustrations. As the subscriptions grow, so will the e-zine. We hope to publish two or more stories per month in the e-zine soon!

The e-zine has different levels of e-zine subscription to suit all budgets and levels of interest.

Our values

Authors and artists are at the heart of our work.

We consider ourselves partners with (rather than employers of) authors and artists—and it’s important to us that we treat them fairly.

Because of this, the e-zine pays a fair rate, with payment split evenly between the author, the artist and Constellate. Our plan for the future is to pay our contributors more as the company grows—as our income increases, so will payment to our authors and artists.

We’re also committed to our loyal readers, many of whom are also our authors and artists. Our promise to our readers is that we will provide them with high quality fiction and art with each publication.

Supporting Canadian authors and artists is a crucial part of Constellate’s mission, and we publish only Canadian work.

Our definition of “Canadian” is broad; contributors do not have to be Canadian citizens or have been born in Canada. They do have to identify as Canadian, however.

Future projects

Keep your eye open for exciting new Constellate Publishing projects in the future! These include (but are not limited to):

  • Choose your own adventure: We are seeking to work with an author on a choose your own adventure story.
  • Serialization: We are currently looking for an author to work with on a serialized story, particularly in the crime or mystery genres.
  • Anthologies: Although we are not currently open for anthology submissions, check back soon for new announcements.
  • Novels, novellas and series: Although we are not open for novel submissions at this time, we hope to be in 2019.

To find out more about these projects, please visit our submit page.

About Ellen Michelle
Ellen Michelle is the founder of Constellate Publishing. She has been working in book publishing for three years as a freelance editor, managing editor for a small press, and book reviewer. She specializes all of her work in speculative fiction (primarily science fiction and fantasy, but also crime, mystery, and horror), and enjoys working with independent and first-time authors as well as curating anthologies. Ellen is a Master of Publishing candidate at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver.

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